THE FOOD CIRCLE Seeding CommUnity Around Food

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What is The Food Circle?

The Food Circle is more than just a healthy food hub.

It is a unifying umbrella for seeding and nourishing community circles around food.
It is a "farm-to-fork connector," a gateway for nurturing quality food, local economies, and healthy relationships.



Our Goal.

Working in community with food as our center point, together we have a chance to change the way we eat.
Our goal is to inspire and engage conscious businesses, families and originators to come together around the same common table, our food. We are accelerating the critical mass of awareness that is sweeping the globe about food.

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Our Philosophy.

Within all of our diversity in commUnity, we declare
“I AM Responsible for My Food.”
We are reaching out to those who GET IT – the importance of food to our personal and planetary health. We are seeking those who are READY TO ACT – to join us in this Circle to work together, be effective and directly impact the quality and availability of our food, where we are, where we live.

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Our Solution.

Our solution is working together to get closer to our food.
We get real with what’s going on by focusing on the basics – the fundamentals of a healthy life. We are revitalizing the commUnity in our connections, putting the relationship back into our meals, nurturing more than just healthy bodies ~ regenerating ourselves and our society. Our culture started in community around food, now it’s time to get back around to it.

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Come, unite.
“Food is the vehicle with the most potential for personal
and planetary transformation.”